Save French!

Speak It Now, Or Let It Forever Be Forgotten

WHO is being affected?

Everyone is going to be or already has been affected by this cut.  Many students at our school take French as their language, and almost all of them enjoy it.  We have been taking French for two years, and he have had no intentions of ever dropping out.  Even students who take Spanish and Italian would be affected.  If French is removed from the cirriculum, then students will have the ability to choose from only Italian and Spanish.  All of the kids who have planned on taking French will not be able to and will have to choose a different language.  This will lead to larger classes for both of the remaining languages.  It has been proven that larger classes often make it more difficult for students to learn, due to more distractions and not as much time to actually ask questions and interact with the teacher.  All of this means that everyone would be affected by it.

WHAT do we plan on doing about it?

Well, for starters, if you have come this far then you probably have some intentions of helping or caring.  We have made petitions, and we have handed out cards.  This is probably how you found out about this site.  It would be of great help to us if you signed your name and the other information on our petition page, if you haven't done so already.  Also, encourage you parents and other adults to speak up at Board of Education meetings about the matter.  Think about it, we really WILL be bored of our education if French isn't offered, won't we?

WHERE is this happening?

In the Kings Park Middle School, that's where.  Not only will students enrolled in this particular school be affected, but high school and elementary students will be as well.

WHEN is this happening?

During the month of March, 2009, the rumor of French being cut was comfirmed.  We have no other information about when this is happening, but we do know that all students currently enrolled in any grade below 7th (not including 7th) will no longer be allowed to take French.

WHY is this happening?

Apparently, French is not considered important.  Which is 100% wrong.  French has become a dying language in our school distract.  Not enough students are taking it as their language class.  We have reason to believe that this is partially due to the fact that there has always been a rumor.  This rumor is nothing more than most rumors are, a lie.  It stated that French is the hardest language to learn.  Once you start to take French, you would completely disagree.  There is nothing overly hard about taking this class.  It is the best class you will ever take, if you ever get to take it at all.

HOW do we plan to work to fix this dilema?

As we have said, we have little control over how this problem is carried out.  We hope with all of our might that French classes continue.  We obviously feel strongly enough on this issue to spend the time it took to make this site in order to attempt to preserve French.  We plan on or already have consulted adults on this.  Some have agreed to bring up the matter at meetings.  We have the petitions, and we hopefully have your signature on our online petition.  Thank you for your concern. 

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