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Speak It Now, Or Let It Forever Be Forgotten




On Sunday, April 5, 2009, this site, as well as our French teacher of the time, were honored by the New York Times (see below for link to article).  A little less than a year later, after being informed that the French language was in jeopardy in Kings Park, New York, many changes have occurred.  The class of 2016 has not only been offered French, but classes have already begun.  It is a full class, and while there is only a single class for this grade, it is one more class than the current eighth graders (Class of 2015) have.  If you type into the Google search engine 'kings park save french' the first four listings are to this site.  If one was to Google 'save french', then a link to this site would appear as the second listing.  On the date that the New York Times wrote their article that mentioned this site, 9,861 people had viewed this site.  Today, less than a year and a half later, over 13,000 people have visited this site.   We would like to take the time to sincerely thank each and every visitor to this site, who, just by checking us out because of our being mentioned in the New York Times, or in hopes of helping this language in its struggle to survive in Kings Park, for saving this LIVING language, and for keeping our favorite class for us.

We Are Honored By The New York Times!!!

If you didn't see the New York Times on Sunday April 5, 2009, then you wouldn't have seen the article about William T. Rogers french classes ending, and our beloved website. If you were not able to see this article, no problem. I have the link right here. is the website. Please visit this site to learn about our amazing french teacher, Madame Prestano. We love her because not inly does she teach us the wonderfual language french, we can trust her with anything, and we learn many life lessons from her!!! I have a feeling that we will be getting a lot more views on the site after this!!! This is the publicity boost that our cause honestly needs!!

By: Clarice (French Student)

Take It Now, or Forever Speak Spanish/Italian!

That's Right!  7th Grade Students, you are the last class of Kings Park to be offered French as a course!  If you aren't gasping in shock, then you don't understand.  The French language has been, hm, discontinued, maybe?  You have all heard the rumors going around the school about this.  These are no longer rumors.  All of the 6th Garde Students that signed up for French are no longer allowed to take it either.  If you aren't crying, then you don't understand.  French will be a forgotten language here, in our beloved town of Kings Park.  Please, people, neh, students.  You as a person do not have all the rights we are entitled to.  We can strike, but we would only be forced back in line.  A petition has already been started, but it would not work.  No adult is going to think much of a list with 500 names on it if all of the names belong to students.  Parents are the ones who have the ability to go to meetings and say, "French should be continued in the Kings Park cirriculum", and they are the ones who will get to make the choice if they do that or not.

You don't know how important French is.  There could be, and probably is, a child that is going to become a teacher of French when they grow up.  That child may only be three years old.  If there is one thing for certain, even Albert Einstein's opinion on this matter at the age of three would have had less weight than an adult at the age of thirty's opinion.  Age does make a difference for things like this.  You should tell your parents about the problem that we have been challenged with, and like many, we shall triumph.  This is not a game, when the loser has to clean up.  The winner of a simple game would be proud for all of five of ten minutes.  The loser here, however, if there is to be one at all, will become forgotten in our town.  The winner will make it to the next round.  There, Italian or Spanish or whatever else they think does not belong will be eliminated as well.  The "game" will just keep going.  It is never going to stop. 

 Please, out of the goodness of your heart, your soul, and your brain, please continue reading through this site.  If you already agree with us, then go to the Petition Page, and sign your name and your age, as well as your (future) language.  Thank you for your time and your support.

~2009 French Class, the Last Ones Allowed To Take French Without Its Being Threatened.